The Pillar of Function & Career

There is a need in the human heart to perform. There is a need to justify one's existence. Sadly for some people their method of earning their living is far removed from the childhood dreams of a fulfilling occupation.

No wonder that 'Monday morning feeling' persists when the brightest prospect on the horizon is the end of the week.

If the working hours can be spent in challenging enjoyable activities it is far better for Life Balance.

Whether you have your own business or are employed you are the primary source of your income so you may as well enjoy what you do.

From The Pillars of SPACE. Chapter 18

"Well while you are thinking about it why not train yourself to answer the question properly. I asked what you would say if you were asked what you did. You told me what you would be-not what you would do."

"Is there a difference?"

"That is why this pillar is called Function and Career. You see you may have a distinctive title but it is what you do that is important. You may be an architect but what you do could be designing homes for people. You may be a surgeon but what you do is save lives. What you do is how people benefit. Get the idea?"

"Yes I do. I am going to make sure I really know what I am setting out to do before I even start to set up and promote my new business."

"That is excellent Sam. Any businessman needs to and must make a profit. That is what commerce and industry is all about but if you live your business with passion then you will achieve an unbelievable satisfaction because your business will be vocational and not just a job."

"DR SPACE do you mind if I just sit in one of these chairs and think about my new business?"

"Of course not but why not go up to the forward viewing platform. Remember the bases of these pillars are built around the Dream boats - and that is what you are doing right now, dreaming. You may as well be comfortable."

Sam willingly went up to dream overlooking the ocean but stood at the bottom of the steps leading to it trying to commit to memory his idealised office.

Sam felt an extreme satisfaction that his creation had helped so many people to fulfil their employment ambitions and that the clients had received so much value for the fees they had paid for he knew that he had given value for every penny.

The best part of all was that although he had devoted much time and effort to his enterprise he knew that it had not been at a horrendous cost to his family.

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