The Pillar of Fun & Entertainment

Life should be fun. The two main motivators of a human being are the gaining of pleasure and the stronger - the avoidance of pain.

In the modern world there is so much vicarious pleasure available that the ability to have genuine self-developed fun is in danger of being lost.

How many people today can say that their work is fun? Sadly the pressure of needing to earn an income can lead to employment in a boring job and no fun. It need not be so. When not at work, down time, fun and entertainment can be the reward for effort applied at work. Fun, isn't that what life is for anyway?

From The Pillars of SPACE. Chapter 15

Let me ask you two more questions:

"Do you think that every thing that you could or would ever want could be found in this building?"

Without hesitation Sam replied, "Certainly not. I don't mean to sound greedy but something was missing. It was as though all that Fun and Entertainment was only the meat and there was no vegetables and gravy if you know what I mean."

"I believe I do. What was missing?"

"Well to have all those things would be great but I would want to share them with Mary and the kids. I also think that complete as all those things seemed to be it was as though there was more I should be looking at.

We've always wanted to ski but I'm not fit enough for that I suppose. And another really silly thing, I don't feel as though I deserve such a life of entertainment without earning it."

"Do you know, DR SPACE, I was so pre occupied with all that potential Fun and Entertainment that I had forgotten those other ones existed."

"Have you also forgotten our talk about getting balance into your life? Those words of yours of just a moment ago expressed the situation very well.

You see a life filled solely with pleasure which is not earned, not enjoyed and shared with others and not giving you some challenge, let's call it the challenge of new appreciation, can never be a life enjoyed to its full potential. And as you said, if you are not fit enough to partake to the fullness of your ability then all could be wasted."

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