The Pillar of Friends & Family

Sometimes when life isn't happening as you expected your Pillar of Friends and Family will hold your world together.

Of course sometimes the boot is on the other foot and you, in your strength, are the one providing the support.

Maybe that is as it should be. By developing this Pillar on a continuous basis it will be ready when required and be the unbreakable bond between you and the real people in your life.

From The Pillars of SPACE. Chapter 19

The right hand page was headed "deposits" and this recorded things that he had done for his friends and family.

He turned over several pages and noticed that several monetary entries and recordings of presents purchased for his children were marked as invalid entries.

He thumbed to the rear of the book and the last few pages contained no entries in the deposit columns yet the withdrawals columns were full.

The final page had two parallel lines slashed across the page and written in between them in red ink were the words; "Account overdrawn. Account closed."

Sam examined the last few pages in detail and realised that here was a catalogue of just how much he had been taking from his relationships and how little he had been putting in.

He saw for the first time how, exactly, he had taken his family in particular for granted.

He slipped the passbook back into his pocket and determined in his heart to breakthrough the glass doors turned to see if he could find a weak point.

As he minutely examined the glass the voices of the dolphins came again to him and he imagined that they were almost mocking him in his self-induced misery.

What he thought was a faint smear on one of the panels caught his eye and as he looked closer he saw writing:

To have friends you need to be a friend.

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