The Pillar of Fitness & Health

This Pillar has three cores, Mind, Body and Spirit.

To be at a high level of physical and mental health allows, through efficient action, the maximum realisation of potential and the achievement of greater goals.

And what of the Spirit? Whatever religion, even no religion, held by a person there is an undoubted Spirit that governs, perhaps through the values held, the ultimate direction and altitude of goals sought by each and every person.

From The Pillars of SPACE. Chapter 16

He knew that although he was alone, DR SPACE had told him that he would be, and he wanted, with a burning need, to exercise some influence in the plan.

How could he, not a millionth nor yet a billionth part of this vast structure make any difference? Why did he want to make a difference he questioned?

He could not answer his own question but knew that although the plan seemed all encompassing it was his reason for being to make some difference within the plan. If he did not fulfil his role he was certain that the plan would complete as it was meant to. His role was not vital to the plan but he knew that his position in the plan was vital to him and somehow was vital to others. He knew that he had a choice and his heart and soul were locked into the correct choice. He knew he had a choice but he did not know what that choice was.

His eyes cleared and as he looked out of the windows again he saw scenes of faceless people who in some way or other were committing acts of assistance to individuals or groups of other faceless people. He understood with an internal comprehension that was so profound that he was moved again to tears.

Each had something to offer. When it was given to those who were in need of it a difference was made that moved the plan along for the ultimate benefit of all. Each act of giving was reflected by a resultant act of giving by someone else.

What was given was not the property of the donor as Sam could see that the donor merely took temporary possession of the gift that had been borrowed from the cosmic and universal abundance.

The act of giving created a vacuum that was filled in short order with a gift greater than that given.

Sam saw the circularity of the system and as he drew himself away, conscious of the great second hand sweeping away his life, he saw written on the door of the room he was leaving the words:

What goes round comes round.

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