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This sister site to is aimed at helping you to achieve your dreams and goals in such a way that you enjoy Life Balance and thus enjoy your achievements even more.

It is my contention that success in one area of your life can be marred by lack of it in another and the Five Pillars focus your attention where it is needed.

Balanced success leads to greater achievements, better health, prosperity, career advancement and more meaningful relationships and sheer enjoyment of life.

My new book The Pillars of SPACE tells the story of Sam Allman who failed to check his balance and how he found the answers to recovering his shattered life and building the future he really wanted.

I invite you to register so that you can be among the first to know of the various free tools that are being released to aid you in the worthwhile and vital task of achieving success and Life Balance.

Clive Hall has managed to do what few writers ever do. He has created a character, a story, a set of circumstances that get us to learn without knowing we're doing it - until suddenly as each point slowly reveals itself - we chuckle to ourselves and murmur - "I get it"
In my opinion, no one who's intent on enjoying this marvellous adventure called life, can help but be moved, mesmerised and self motivated by their journey through these pages of truth.
Peter Thomson

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